The Process

1. Filling Out The Questionnaire

The reason I have each potential client fill out a detailed questionnaire is to gain valuable knowledge and insight into the project. It helps to educate the designer on what the project needs from the perspective of the client.

2. Q & A - Discussion

After receiving the initial questionnaire answers, we delve deeper and have further discussion with the goal to gain the utmost clarity on the project needs and goals. This is where I learn more about you as an individual and the impact you want to make on the world (or your local area) through this endeavor. Clearly defined company and project goals are required to successfully translate the story of your brand to the public. As a designer, I want to know as much as possible before any sketching or designing actually begins. Knowing the goal(s) makes it easier to come up with a brand strategy — visually and otherwise.

3. Design Brief and Proposal

Based on the questionnaire and our follow-up discussion, I will put together a contract that will include the design goals, pricing, and policies. The question of "How much" is reserved for this stage as an estimate can not be made without the project goals and needs being clearly defined and agreed upon. Every project is given it's own price estimate based on its particular needs and scope.

4. Approval, Deposit, and Project Start

Once the proposal is approved and the first deposit is made then the project will begin. After initial sketching and digitization and refining, we will go through rounds of necessary revisions until we achieve the optimal solution.

5. Delivery

Once we have agreed on the final design(s), the remaining balance will be due. Once final payment is received, all necessary files will be turned over to the client for use.